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FUNdamentals u8

FUNdamentals u8

Centralized station based training based on the OS Player Development Model
Training:  Tuesdays Girls  &  Wednesdays Boys     BOTH 6:30PM START TIME


The program for both boys and girls runs the same for both training days and game days. The activities provided illustrate how stations can being used during Grassroots practices.

Training night:

  • Players arrive 15 mins prior to start of session, wearing their uniforms along with shin-pads and soccer shoes. For players safety, should they not have either shin-pads or soccer shoes they will not be able to participate.  As well no jewelry - Medic-Alert exception.
  • Locate your coach at their station, give Coach a big HIGH 5
  • We will have a brief meeting at centre circle, disburse back to your stations
  • Coaches will then briefly explain their activity or game, along with a demonstration.
  • During the training players will spend approximately 10 minutes time at each station having fun, developing specific skills and qualities before moving onto the next station...taking along their water bottles.
  • By using station work we create an environment where players are continually motivated and that they are continually challenged
  • The stations comprise of one station that focuses on Physical Literacy, two stations on movements with the ball and the 4th station is focused around the game with the children playing 1v1. Due to number of teams we may repeat a station.
  • Players will go through approximately 6 stations per session...maybe less due to players numbers
  • All sessions take a holistic approach to developing our youth. Each game and activity will focus on 4 main areas of the child's development; these include social/emotional, physical, physiological and also technical


Benefits to coaches:

  • First time coaches not overwhelmed by having to come up with a 1 hour training session on their own
  • Club provides training kit (10 balls, 8 cones, 5 bibs & bag) to aid the coaches, any other items needed can be found at the Club House.  Kit to be returned to the Club in its entirety before Fun Day.
  • Coaches assigned station location and activity for the session well in advance to be able to review before coming out
  • Experienced coaches are able to pass on their knowledge of the game to all, not just their team of players
  • Less need to cancel training due to attendance, we will merge stations if needed to make sure the training opportunity for the players is not lost
  • Safe, standard location for training for players
  • Coaches have access to Ontario Soccer training sessions that can be used in later training years also
  • Great networking opportunity with other coaches to see what each other does with their station


Click on the following to review:

Training Day Field Layout Game Day Field Layout  
Boys Training Schedule Girls Training Schedule OS Week 1 Training Session

For example, Coach of the Girls Royal team will look at their schedule and see that they are at Station #2, then look down the chart and see they are responsible for an Activity WK 1 STNB (Week 1 Station B).  They will then click on the link at the bottom of the schedule to take them to the Ontario Soccer Grassroots Training Sessions page.  Under the Fundamentals header, click on the Week 1 Practice to download and view.  Open and flip to your Station (B for Royal).  You can print or download the individual station to have with you. It is recommended that these be looked at days before your session, not the day of or as you arrive to FTT.  It's not fair to the players, other coaches and staff that time has to be allocated to those that were not prepared.

(WSC is not responsible for loss or damage).


Finally the most important key note:  EVERYONE HAVE FUN!